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Inspired By An Odd Angel
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Hometime & Memories in the making

Olive was many people and wore many 'hats' . Here are just some random thoughts on who she was to us and everyone that knew her....

Even though her nickname was "Odd", she was anything BUT odd to me.

My grandma was loved by the hundreds, and even those that she just knew on a casual basis, whether it be just the meat department guy at Narbonne Market, or the lady at the end of the cul-de-sac, they always remembered her by her kind heart and smile.

No matter what, if you visited Olive's house, you would leave there with a heart and belly full of love.

I had a hero in my life before I even knew what the definition of a hero meant.

Olive was the 'watch-over' to my grandpa. Sometimes, he was set in his ways, and she would keep him in check. If she didn't agree with his theory, she would make hers known too.

I really don't think that most people can comprehend the amount of love that Olive had in her heart for people. Some knew, some could not comprehend. Many never saw. Few understood.

I can remember many times just listening to her talking about when she was a little girl. Back when I was a child, it was hard to imagine a grandma being a child themselves. Now, as I look back,  even though she didn't have a lot as a child, she cherished her childhood more than anyone I can think of. But then again, if I had as many brothers and sisters as she had, I am sure that my childhood would have been as chaoticaly interesting as her recollection.

My Grandpa (Olive's Husband)