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Originally, the Basque people and their culture sustained a dynamic between free trade and an open door to the neighboring developing countries. They were proud people, maintaining large-scale trade in fishing. The geographic location in Europe provided a diverse range of fish, and one thing the Basques have maintained is a reputation for being of the finest fishermen by trade. They were also well-known for their herding and farming. In fact, the modern day use of the sheepdog is believed to have been refined by the Basques.

Fisherman 1700's
Above is a wax statue of a Basque fisherman (circa 1700's). This statue is in a Historical museum in Quebec, Canada.

Countryside home

One constant tradition that has always been strong in the Basque country, is the wine-making. The area's wineries produces some of the riches wines in the world.
Consider trying a Rioja or Alava wine. You won't be dissapointed.



A great place to absorb some Basque history and learn about the culture.

Basque metropolitan residential area


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