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A volatile past. An uncertain future.
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A volatile past. An uncertain future.
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Euskara Flag Patriots.jpg

Territorially, the Basque people have been disrespected of their homeland. Several countries are to be blamed for the now modified paltriness of The Basque country. Once, larger than today's France in size, it's rich farmlands were taken away from them incessantly by disputing land seekers. To this day, they are disputing their own lands that rightfully had been theirs for centuries. In a military state of mind, they have been efficient enough to sustain seven of their provinces that originally were as many as twenty-six.

Unfortunately, due to its ever-changing borders, many American maps and topographics refer to he Basque country as partly inside France and partly inside Spain. Currently, their government is admitted into the United Nations, and hopefully the peace will be sustained for their future's sake.

Basque Oarsman 1931

For centuries, Basque Men have taken fishing seriously. Seen here, is an Oarsman from around the 1930's, in San Sebastian.




The Basque flag has had several changes in history. Left to right: Today's simple standard form without the crest, middle: The flag as it was flown from the 1830's to 1880's, and right: as flown until the 1830's.